How To Pick A Charity To Support?

With all of the great charities, non-profits and civic action groups out there these days, its hard to decide at times which are the best ones to give your support too. One way that you can be sure that you are supporting the best charity is to take the time to investigate the real things that the organization does. The promotional literature that the organization provides is great, but many times it does not provide and real information about what activities are undertaken by the organization to get the actual work of improving society accomplished. Take the time to get to know the real behind the scenes things that go on with a charity and you will have a better idea if this is the charity for you.

One way that you can get this kind of information is to take a look at the publicly accessible reports and directors meeting minutes that the organization is required to publish on a regular basis. These documents will provide you a better idea of what activities have been undertaken in the past and what is scheduled in the future. You can also check out the media coverage of the organization over the past two years or so to see what all has been done by the group in terms of activities and programs.

You can also look at charity oversight organizations that keep an eye on charities and non-profits and publish directories and information about them. These oversight organizations are a great way to narrow down the list of choices for charities that work to support the things that matter the most to you. It's not to say that all charities are no deserving of support, but you want to be sure that you provide your support to the ones which share the same goals and values that you have as a person.

If you find that you have a lot of things in your life that are important that you may want to consider giving not to an individual charities or two, but rather to a non-profit support organization such as the interfaith council, the United Way, Earth Share or CanDo. These organization accept donations from the community and then disperse them via grants to the charities that they work with. The amount of the grants is determined via donar input, diretorial guidance and individual organizational needs for operating and effectiveness. These organizations make it easy to give since you are covering a wide range of meaningful and deserving charities at once.

If you are still interested in selecting only one or two charities to support directly you can always use services like and other similar listing services to select the one that is a best match for your values and interests. These services have prescreened all of the charities that they list and can provide you with in-depth information about them and what they do to better the causes that they work for.

Supporting a charity is a wonderful thing. It is even better when you feel connected to the charity that you are supporting. Finding the right charity for you is akin to finding the right life partner, it's a match made in heaven.